Welcome to ERA Training

The site has been revised, bringing together the existing ERA training course site,

the ABR Peer Review site and Cortical ERA under the same roof.

ERA: Electric (or Evoked) Response Audiometry is a technique in which information about the hearing system is gained from the measurement of electrophysiological signals from the hearing pathways.

This site is the portal for:

  • The annual 5-day ERA training course designed for healthcare scientists and medical staff.
  • The 3-day Newborn ABR Course, for those specifically involved in post-screening diagnostic tests of newborns.
  • The Newborn ABR Refresher Day, which provides an update for trained staff; it was previously provided by NHSP and is now offered in collaboration with Interacoustics though the content is not manufacturer-specific.

    See the Training Courses page for further details including course dates, fees and how to apply.

    Following NHSP’s withdrawal of support for post-screening diagnostic testing, in addition to our
    training courses we have picked up the baton to ensure continuity of support in the following respects:

    • The continuation of ABR Peer Review and related services.
      For details visit the Peer Review page.
    • The provision of guidance, tools and other resources - visit the Resources page.