Peer Review

Peer Review Services

The Support Voucher Scheme

Services covered by the scheme include specialist advice on individual clinical cases, direct peer review of individual cases, moderation of locally reviewed cases etc. Support Vouchers (SVs) may be purchased in advance, in blocks of 10 and when support is needed, the voucher number(s) are quoted in the enquiry email or phone call. Each SV covers up to approximately 15 minutes of work. For example one SV would cover the peer review or moderation of a discharge test or a straightforward non-discharge test session and two SVs a more complex non-discharge test session. You control costs and decide on the selection of cases.

When purchasing SVs for the first time, the department manager or lead clinician is asked to sign an agreement between us, coving the scope and conditions of the scheme. SVs apply to the purchasing department unless otherwise agreed and can be used only by staff named in the agreement.

SVs purchased after 1st April 2021 remain valid until used or until 1st April 2023, whichever comes first. This service will close on 1st April 2023.

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Peer Reviewer training & accreditation

We operate the scheme originally developed by NHSP.

It uses a carefully selected set of real newborn ABR cases in which there are issues of test strategy, interpretation, reporting or future management. Five discharge and 5 non-discharge ABR cases must be reviewed to a satisfactory standard to achieve accreditation. Feedback is given on review shortcomings.

Peer Reviewer periodic moderation

Accredited peer reviewers should have their reviews moderated every 2-3 year, to ensure maintainence of standards. We would be happy to provide this service, which provides a confidential report to the reviewer, highlighting areas in which their reviews could be improved.

Other Services

We hope to be able to offer non-peer review technical advice (i.e. not relating to specific cases) without charge. This may include manufacturer-independent general technical advice, guidance on calibration, clarification of NHSP ABR guidelines and tools (e.g. the noise calculator).

Legal Stuff: ERA Training & Consultancy Ltd (ERATC), its Division ABR Peer Review, Directors and Consultants working on their behalf offer advice, peer review services and guidance in good faith and intended to reflect best clinical practice, based on current BSA or NHSP national guidance. However the responsibility for the correct diagnosis and management of individual patients must remain with the NHS Trust in which they were seen. ERATC can accept no responsibility for any errors of diagnosis or management of patients resulting from advice given by them or on their behalf.