Cortical ERA

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This is the new home of the former web site

This is a non-profit educational & technical resource for Audiologists to promote the development, availability and clinical use of Cortical evoked response audiometry (Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials, CAEPs), a technique for objective hearing threshold estimation based on the "N1-P2" response.

The impetus for creating these pages was to:

  • inform the international audiological community of the benefits and limitations of Cortical ERA;
  • compensate for some misinformation on, or ignorance of, this subject in the literature;
  • showcase a system designed by the author of the site to demonstrate how Cortical ERA can be implemented to produce a user-friendly, fast and efficient test.
  • generate sufficient user demand to persuade equipment manufacturers to make an efficient version of this test available on their evoked potential systems.

Guidance on performing CAEP testing of adults for threshold estimation purposes has been published by the British Society of Audiology.

Use the links below to visit our legacy CERA pages. Note that these are for historic interest only and are not routinely updated.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to provide correct information, the author (Guy Lightfoot) cannot accept responsibility for errors of fact, omission or interpretation. The reader should understand that some content carries personal opinions.

CAEP pages

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These are a personal perspective by Guy Lightfoot

CAEP Basics

CAEP Optimisation

CAEP versus ABR

The CAEP Literature

CAEP Research by Guy Lightfoot